Personal Training

We have a number of boxing coaches and personal trainers here at A.R.D. Training Camp, all of whom offer personal training for all those who are interested.


Every training session will be bespoke to the individual with each session being focused on and based around your personal goals and ambitions.


In addition to teaching the full range of boxing and kickboxng skills, our range of services encompass:

  • Weight Management

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Event Specific Training

  • Bespoke Training Programmes

  • Strength & Conditioning

Whatever your goals, age or current fitness level, personal training sessions can really help you achieve your goals!

If you're in need of that extra bit of support and motivation, then 1-to-1 training is what you're looking for. That way, our trainers can focus specifically on you for the entirety of each session and really help to push you on.

What If I've Never Done Boxing or Kickboxing before?

That's no problem what-so-ever!


Our highly experienced coaches here at A.R.D. Training Camp will teach you the basics and will work with you over time to really build up your skill-set and things will feel natural in no time.


We are on hand to help understand what you want to achieve and can work in unison with you to create attainable targets.


We can do this whilst showing you all of the support you need to get you there; so don't worry if you're totally new to boxing and/or kickboxing - you can count on us!