How Do I Become a Member at A.R.D?

We are a private, members only gym!

To be eligible to become a member we do require you to first get booked in for some 1-to-1 training with one of our coaches and we ask this for a number of reasons:

  • To make sure that you are taught the basics of boxing properly (people are often rushed along & aren't taught properly, we want to ensure that all of our members know how to do things right!)

  • To get to know you and to make sure that our coaches and our gym is the right fit for you

  • To bring you up to speed with the other guys and girls who you will be training alongside in the classes 

Membership fees

The A.R.D. membership fee is only £50 for the year and is due for renewal annually.


Once you've taken out your membership you get everything listed below, as well as the knowledge that you are part of a gym that cares about you, where you will meet good people and be given plenty of opportunities!


The Benefits of becoming a member at A.R.D. Training Camp are...

  • Discounted Classes

  • First refusal on classes and courses

  • Opportunities to compete on shows

  • Opportunities to join the team on trips (e.g. The Wildcard Gym in L.A)

  • Discount on A.R.D. merchandise and courses