How Do I Become a Member at A.R.D?

Before you think about joining and becoming a member, we recommend that you attend a few of our classes first or book in for some personal training with one of our experienced trainers.

After attending the classes and/or training with one of our coaches, the procedure for becoming a member is as follows...​

  • You will have an initial consultation with one of the coaching team 

  • You will be given a membership card and we will go through all necessary paperwork with you, answering any questions you might have along the way

  • Once everything's completed and confirmed, you'll be able to take advantage of the membership benefits

When we meet you for your consultation it will be relaxed and informal, giving you an opportunity to get to know the coaches here at A.R.D and you'll get a feel for how the gym works as a whole!

Membership fees

The A.R.D. membership is in the process of being updated; so we currently do not offer a membership, however, check back again soon for our new membership deal.


The Benefits of becoming a member at A.R.D. Training Camp are...

  • Discounted Classes

  • First refusal on classes and courses

  • Opportunities to compete on shows

  • Opportunities to join the team on trips (e.g. The Wildcard Gym in L.A)

  • Discount on A.R.D. merchandise and courses