Welcome to A.R.D. Training Camp

Are you looking for a friendly boxing and kickboxing gym?


Here at A.R.D.  we offer a wide range of classes and run a number of events of which are all taught by World Class instructors. We also have personal training sessions available to help you accomplish your goals and to help you understand the sport!


Whether you're a complete novice or a top professional competing at the highest level, you'll find a welcoming atmosphere and great boxing and kickboxing training opportunities here with us.

About the Gym


A.R.D. Training Camp was first established in 1993 and has produced well over 100 Champions in boxing and kickboxing. 

We have a number of coaches and instructors who have fought at the highest levels and have been involved in boxing and kickboxing for many, many years.

We are well known for our professionalism and care for each of our members and fighters. Although we are only a small gym, we have a big community and have produced many big success stories throughout our 25 years as a gym!

Above all, A.R.D. Training Camp is a place where you'll learn, have fun and be a part of a positive community - meeting people who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your training and your experiences in the gym.


Our Coaches

All of the coaches listed below are available for 1-to-1 training and all hold their own classes here at A.R.D. Training Camp - you can click on their names to learn more about them and their accolades in the sport!

  • Andre Daltrey

  • Steve Fox

  • Tyler White

  • Phil Ashdown

  • Adam Henry

Personal Training


All of our coaches offer personal training. Whether that be in 1-to-1 sessions or small group sessions. 


This is a great opportunity to get in some training, which can be specifically focused on your personal goals and ambitions.


In addition to teaching the full range of boxing and kickboxing skills, our range of services include:

  • Weight management

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Help in training for a specific event

  • Bespoke training programmes

Personal Training can be very beneficial for all levels of boxer - complete novice or seasoned professional.

Get in touch to discuss booking in a personal training session!

Talk to Us About Your Goals

Have a chat with Andre or any of the team, about what you're looking to achieve.  We're the type of gym that really wants to help you fulfil your ambitions; so if you're after that kind of support - we can help!