HellFit - Physical & Psychological Training
"To help build You, into the best version of Yourself."

What is HellFit?

HellFit is a bespoke, unique training session where you work with an ex-professional World Champion sportsman, coach and fully qualified Psychologist.


The session blends both fitness and mindset into the same session!


Quite often people will go and see a PT/Coach to get fitter; whilst others will go and see a Psychologist/Therapist to help with their mindset, but here you will build on both of them together.



Because the two are interlinked and this is often overlooked!

Remember the age-old saying; "mind over matter", your body can’t act alone... No matter how fit you are, without the right mindset, you’re setting yourself up to fail.


What Does HellFit Involve?

Each HellFit session incorporates both Physical & Psychological exercises that we call "Evolutions" because the idea is that you evolve from each one.


Every individual HellFit session is tailored individually to suit your own fitness levels, training requirements, targets and goals.


The psychology tuition will have a huge impact on the sessions and are taught in a simplistic way, without any big pretentious explanations or pointless jargon.


It’s worth remembering that you are not training to be a psychologist, you are learning how to use the exercises given so you end up with a "Psychological Toolbox" that you can use whenever you need. Both in the HellFit sessions as well as in your day-to-day life! 


These sessions have been quoted as "Life Changing" and that’s the difference between this and doing a normal or generic PT session, you are getting so much more but at a cost which is not a lot more than you would pay for a Generic PT Session in a Commercial Gym.


“The best investment you can make is always Self-Investment - and this will be one of your best investments.”   

Andrew R. Barzilay 


The Ethos Of HellFit

“The Unrelenting Pursuit Of Our Own Highest Physical & Psychological Standards Which We Have Set, But We Will Endeavour To Go Beyond.” 


All of us or maybe those closest to us, have gone through some form of "Hell" in our lives, so when we say "Hell" - we mean adversity!


Everyone’s perception of "Hell" is different, but without exception, we will all at some point or another go through a form of "Hell"/Adversity in the future. However, we do have a couple of weapons to help cope with that, both of which will make us become stronger. Those weapons are our Mind and our Body!


The thing is - the stronger we are mentally and physically, the better we can cope with adversity. For instance, if you’re sick, you’ve got more of a chance of becoming better if you’re healthier, and if you’ve been hurt mentally you’ve got more of a chance of getting through it if you have built a strong mindset.


A strong physicality and mentality have to be built and nurtured, they don’t just happen which is why I have designed #HellFit - to make you stronger both in body and mind!


About the Instructor - Andre Daltrey 

  • Qualified Psychologist

  • World Kickboxing Champion

  • World Thai Boxing Champion

  • Involved in Combat Sports for over 30 Years – competing and coaching

  • Black Belt 4th Dan in Kickboxing

  • Competed Internationally at both Boxing and Kickboxing

  • Winner of: Southern Area, County, National, English, British, European & World Championship Titles

  • Voted Best British Full-Contact Fighter by The National Martial Arts Honours Association 

  • First ever Professional Kickboxer to have their contest shown on terrestrial TV

  • Lived in a Thai Buddhist Monastery with Thai Monks to learn the art of Meditation

  • Founder and owner of private psychology practice: A.R.D. Psychology

  • Worked with: Police, Military and Special Forces. Children who have suffered from bullying, people with depression and various sportsmen and women

  • Founder and owner of A.R.D. Training Camp - which has produced over 100 Champions

  • 2016 Head Coach for the Great Britain Kickboxing Team, winning 5 Golds and 1 Silver Medal

  • Professional Boxing Trainer licensed by The British Boxing Board of Control



Q) Where are the HellFit Training Sessions held?

We use various locations all within 60 miles of A.R.D. Training Camp in Aldershot, Hampshire. The Gym is sometimes used for evolutions, as well as: 

  • Caesars Camp/Long Valley in Aldershot (This area was the training ground for The Parachute Regiment when they were based in Aldershot). 

  • Rowhills Nature Reserve, Farnham.

  • Butser Hill, Queen Elizabeth County Park, Hampshire.

  • Box Hill, Dorking, and also the area in and around the Surrey Hills.

  • Selsey Beach and The Witterings Beaches near Chichester, in East Sussex.

Note: Sometimes dependent on the length of the session, multiple areas will all be used on the same day.


Andre also has extensive knowledge of The Brecon Beacons, which is in the Welsh Mountains, so can also put on a bespoke #HellFit Session there as well.


Q) How long are the #HellFit Sessions in duration?

Each package is bespoke so can be tailored to your own personal requirements.

The shortest #HellFit session is around 2 hours and 30 minutes, however, you can book a longer package of up to a 14-hour session.

Overnight sessions can also be catered for!


Q) Can I book a group session with my friends?

Yes, you can. We can do either individual or small group sessions of up to 10 people.

Let us know how many people, and for approximately how long; then we can tailor the session for the group.


Q) How much does it cost?

Prices vary for the number of people and how long the session will last. However, discounts are given to small groups and work out to be quite cost effective!

On average the price for 1 person looking for a 2 hour 30-minute #HellFit Session would be around £75, this actually works out cheaper than a Generic PT Session with a Personal Trainer in a Commercial Gym for the same time.

Further Information

Please feel free to get in touch with Andre for more information, by either calling, e-mailing or messaging us on the A.R.D. Training Camp Facebook page (all details below):

Tel: 07831 125503

Email: ardkickboxing@hotmail.com

FB: A.R.D. Training Camp