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Welcome to the ARD Training Camp and ARD Promotions.

Looking for a friendly boxing and kickboxing gym offering a wide range of classes from World Class instructors? Or personal training to accomplish your goals? Whether you're a complete novice or a top professional competing at the highest level, you'll find a welcoming atmosphere and some great boxing and kickboxing training opportunities.

Click on the link to "Publications" and you'll find details of our book - the ARD Deck of Workouts - which has already received critical acclaim for it's no-nonsense approach to training and achieving your goals.

PLUS - we also offer a full range of specific health and wellness services ranging from health screenings and massage through to injury rehabilitation and nutritional programme development. With the support available at ARD, you can be sure of reaching your goals. Put us to the test!

Introducing the A.R.D.Training Camp Gold Standard P.F.T's

The A.R.D. Training Camp Gold Standard P.F.T's - is our template for building a fit & well conditioned Training Camp throughout the year!

As we are a small private members gym, it is important to have a set of standards that we can all aim for. By doing this it will help us all keep motivated & also make us appreciate our fellow members because of the determination they have shown in trying to achieve their best efforts as well!

We are building a strong foundation & a team spirit. It is also about setting ourselves apart from other gyms/health clubs who just want people through the doors but are not bothered by their members results!

All 5 Physical Fitness Tests (P.F.T.) Are achievable to everyone who trains here. Click here for full details. Train hard & you will pass all of these tests!

Looking for more information?

For more information about any aspect of ARD Training Camp and Promotions, please feel free to call 01252 343400 or email Andre at ardkickboxing@hotmail.com